Welcome to DIVE

The New Zealand Resilience DIVE Platform website provides a catalogue of research and information that is relevant to disaster risk reduction (DRR) and resilience in New Zealand. The site helps people catalogue, discover, share, and use DRR and resilience data easily to make informed decisions and enhance problem-solving and innovation.

There is an increasing flow of information from governmental sources, organisations, researchers, and the public. This information can help us answer some of society’s most pressing questions, but we need to be able to find, understand, and apply this data in meaningful ways. Processes such as recording and sharing high quality metadata (i.e., data about data) can increase the interoperability and reusability of the information being collected and shared.

The platform is created and maintained by Resilient Organisations and New Zealand’s research community. It is funded by QuakeCoRE and the Resilience to Nature’s Challenges National Science Challenge.

The DIVE platform:

  • Helps users find relevant, reusable datasets for new research
  • Adds value to current research and datasets
  • Fosters relationships between researchers and data providing organisations
  • Can aid response and recovery actions and decision making

What information is being collected on DIVE?

  • Metadata describing past and current DRR research, resilience research, and ongoing research and information gathered from disaster events in New Zealand.
  • Valuable research data not available elsewhere and with the potential to integrate datasets available on other web platforms.

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A Guide to Uploading Metadata to DIVE

DIVE Frequently Asked Questions

For any issues please contact the site administrators: Dr Joanne Stevenson (joanne.stevenson@resorgs.org.nz) or Louise Home-Dewar (louise.homedewar@resorgs.org.nz).